Hot Hot Heat Part 3: Pérez Art Museum Miami


The final stop along my plant baby filled, tropical adventure was the Pérez Art Museum Miami. Originally, I intended to visit this museum to see its collection of international contemporary and modern art which included an exhibition of Doris Salcedo‘s sculptures and installations. (I was particularly impressed with its dedication to showing Hispanic and Latinx artists who aren’t Diego Rivera or Frida Kahlo). I was blissfully unaware of the hanging gardens that adorn the outer edges of the building and was pleasantly surprised to discover them as I ascended the stairs from the car park to the museum’s terrace.

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Hot Hot Heat Part 1: Adventures in Key West

The prettiest door on the island.

Thanks so much for your patience this last month as I’ve taken a break from the blog! The break has been full of travel, plant baby experiments, spider mites, and updates that I can’t wait to share over the coming weeks. First, I’d like to share my travels!

This past Independence Day holiday, I took to the skies and roads to visit Key West and Miami where I was enamored with Florida’s diverse natural beauty. As I explored Key West and Miami, I found that everywhere there was rich plant diversity and it felt like walking through a tropical botanic garden no matter where I went. There were some amazing plant baby finds on this trip including thriving desert roses in Key West, bizarre cannon ball trees, blue ferns, and (my favorite) hanging gardens at the Perez Art Museum in Miami. Because I want to tell you all the things, I’ve split this trip into a 3 part series!

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House Plants: How to Treat Common Cactus & Succulent Ailments


Over the course of the last 5 years I’ve learned a lot about my cacti through trial and error. A lot of what I learned has to do with how to water my cacti properly so that I can prevent root rot, but I have also learned that there are other environmental ailments my cacti face. Specifically my plants have suffered from etiolation, sun burn, over watering, and, most recently, a thrip invasion. I’ll talk through how I identified these problems and provide solutions on how to fix them.

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Succulent Nursery: How to Propagate Succulents


In my post How to Deal with Rot Part 2: Saving Your Cacti & Succulents, I briefly touched on how propagating succulents is an excellent way to keep your plant’s legacy alive when you can’t save the mother plant. Aside from saving our cacti and succulents, it’s also a great way to grow your collection without having to buy new plants. Have a sempervivum, echeveria, aeonium, or opuntia you love? Are you dying to have more? In this tutorial, I take you through not only how to propagate cacti and succulents, but also how to propagate and grow flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

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Summer Loving at Florida Botanical Gardens & Sunken Gardens

Medjul date palm greets you as you enter the Sunken Gardens.

This Memorial Day I took to the road to make my way to St. Petersburg and Tampa, Florida where I visited the Florida Botanical Gardens and the Sunken Gardens. While it’s been hot here in Atlanta, down in Tampa I felt the tropical heat more pointedly. Despite the heat my excitement couldn’t be hampered with all the palm trees and blooming tropical life all around me.

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City Oasis: Chicago Botanic Garden & Lincoln Park Conservatory

The English garden was exquisite. I do love a blue door.

As spring was wrapping up around the country this May, I made my way from a tulip filled Michigan back to an unseasonably cool and rainy Chicago, Illinois where I finally fulfilled my dream to explore the Chicago Botanic Garden. After a day of exploring this botanic garden, I visited Lincoln Park and took the opportunity to amble through the Lincoln Park Conservatory. This time around Chicago’s spring had much more to offer.

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Tulip Time in Holland (Michigan)

Tulips blowing in the wind on Windmill Island Gardens

After spending spring time in the desert, I went to the mid-west to enjoy a time honored spring tradition: the Tulip Time Festival in Holland, Michigan. The Michigan spring I experienced was lush: white farm houses sitting on green rolling pastures, vineyards budding green, and many-colored and textured tulips flooding front yards, side streets and fields. Not only did I attend a day of tulips, I also managed to sneak a visit to Frederick Meijer Gardens Park. Here are the highlights:

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Spring Time in the Desert


This April I made a pilgrimage to the desert to see spring blooms and commune with the Saguaros. I visited both Tuscon and Phoenix, Arizona to see the Saguaro National Forest as well as the Desert Botanic Gardens and Tuscon Botanic Garden.

Of all the places I’ve been in the last several months, spring in the desert was the most thrilling and beautiful experience. While spring bulbs and tree blooms are lovely in their own right, there is nothing like seeing the desert flowering after a spring rain where the palo verdes, opuntias, Saguaros, barrel cacti, and brush are budding and blooming in fiery colors across the dull beige and brown of the desert.

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